Chinelement is the provider of logistics services as long as a supplier of industrial chemistry and equipment. The developed delivery logistics, which includes intermodal freight transportation in Asia and Europe, enables Chinelement to supply the raw materials the customers need in a short time and at the best possible cost. According to direct contacts with manufacturers, we can offer low prices, the desired volume of sales, excellent quality in the required time under the best conditions. Working with us is beneficial and convenient.

The main positions in the aggregate supply are chemical reagents (collectors, frothers, pH regulators, depressants, etc.), formic acid, caustic soda, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydrosulfide and sodium sulfide, various types of alcohols, raw materials for the paints and varnishes industry (solvents, MIBC), raw materials for the leather industry and other products for petrochemical industry (PDEB, Xylene etc).